Come get our secret sauce (+ other announcements)

(It's not anything sketchy, I promise)

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re hanging in there.

I’ve been heartened to see so many email sign-ups for this newsletter over the last week. However you’ve found us, I’m glad you’re here.

At this point, we’ve wrapped up the first season. We have one very last episode coming out, which we’ve been hyping up as our “secret sauce” — and for very good reason. We think this “secret sauce” is the key to running a successful freelance business.

If you want to listen to this episode, you must be a Patreon at the time it releases, which is 9am EST on Monday, July 13. You get this episode and corresponding resources even if you’re signing on at the $3 level!

For the next two months we’ll be releasing biweekly newsletters. I’ve already got a great one lined up, in which I reflect on how I’ve changed the way I run my business a year after “FU Pay Me.” In true TWC fashion, we’ll have resources to accompany every newsletter. And, be on the lookout for some events just for Patreons.

Finally, a plug for two events that selling fast:

  1. July 22, 12pm PT: We are collaborating with Study Hall to run an event on negotiating. I’ve wrangled Sarah Gilman, author of the very very relatable Columbia Journalism Review piece on the writer/editor relationship, and Bobbie Johnson of MIT Tech Review (and former EIC of Anxy) to join us. Details & registration here.

  2. August 6, 12pm PT: We are running an event on how to apply for fellowships and grants to fund your passion projects. Joining us is grant extraordinaire Eileen Guo. Details & registration here.

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