We'll be back soon + fall events

Hey y’all!

Hope you’re all settling in with the change of seasons.

We just wrapped up season three of The Writers’ Co-op, where we coached 8 freelance creatives on different aspects of managing their freelance business.

You may be wondering: what’s next?

We’ll be releasing episodes again starting in October. These won’t follow a particular theme, necessarily, but they’re things Jenni and I encounter in our own freelance businesses, as well as in coaching sessions with our clients. It’s, in a way, the cutting room floor - things we haven’t yet gotten to dive deep on in our seasons and events, but worthy of discussion. If you have any ideas for topics we should discuss, email us! And, as always, Patreons get early access to these episodes and you can sign up anytime at patreon.com/twcpod.

We have a few events for the fall coming up. (Yes, we always record, and yes, we always send you a copy after the event! And yes! Patreons have discount codes - sign in to see them)

Next Tuesday, Sept 21: Building Passive Revenue Streams as a Freelance Writer

Join TWC, Damon Brown, Pam Moore, and Jen A. Miller for a discussion on how to integrate passive revenue streams into your freelance business. Details & registration here.

Tuesday, Oct 26: Mental Health Management for Freelancers

Join TWC, season two secret guest Fritz Galette, and Ruksana Hussain on how to balance your mental health with the stressors of running a freelance business. Details & registration here.

Questions? Comments? thewriterscoop2@gmail.com


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